Welles Release New Single – Life Like Mine

Ahead of their upcoming EP, titled Codeine, Tennessee based band Welles have just released a new single, Life Like Mine. Self described as sounding like burnt toast, it’s a description that is especially evident as we hear the band warble their way through shades of washed out psychedelica and Sunday afternoon twang. “How fucked up have you got to be to live a life like mine?” Sings front-man Jehsea Wells. Sounding like the victim of a treacherous hangover. One that was probably previously anticipated, but still delivering its fair share of hell.

Perhaps it’s the lonesome hangover of leaving home and journeying to a new city that infiltrates the guts of this track, a move that has undoubtedly kick-started Wells’ music career. “I wrote this when I first got to Tennessee and felt all the little memories from home slipping”, he writes. “I felt I needed to chronicle them in some way. It was the first thing I recorded in my new room.”

Whether its molding clay with art students or playing cards with drunk old ladies, Life Like Mine is indeed full of colourful experiences; bringing to mind the sensibilities of classic Country music storytelling. It’s also no surprise, especially when considering the guitar sounds and production, that the 22 year old was in his room listening to classic Beatles records, namely “Magical Mystery Tour” and “Revolver“. The age old question has always been, The Beatles or The Stones? Welles, in a weird way, kind of sounds like somewhere in between. A little bit of both. Which is, by all accounts, a pretty good place to be.

You can stream “Life Like Mine” by Welles below. Look out for their upcoming EP Codeine, out April 28th via C3 records.