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SIAMESE Unveil New Music – Slaughterhouse

Let’s sum up this track in one word; Refreshing! Slaughterhouse comes out swinging with a heavy riff and vocals reminiscent of Jebediah’s – Animal. Siamese has added enough power to make you, rock it out yet the breakdown in the latter of the song is quintessential to the track as a whole. To be honest, the lyrics for the most part are a bit hazy but it makes the track what it is, and it works a treat. Slaughterhouse along with previous releases is a testament to prowess SIAMESE possess for such a young band. You can sense it in their songwriting abilities, the sound and cohesiveness of the group is tantalising. Expect to be seeing SIAMESE a lot more over the coming years.

Old-fashioned 90’s alternative rock has made a triumphant return. This is sure to garner a lot of praise from the older fans as well as the new. The city of Adelaide will be chuffed to add another notable band to their list and I for one will be eager to catch these guys live when they tour next.