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Morning TV Will Move You With New EP – Sun

Following on from their debut EP Golden Sydney quartet Morning TV has been busy over the last year building upon and honing their sound. The first taste of new music was ‘Let It Lie’ a wondrous track that captures Brit’s vocals with a seamless riff and beat instinctive of the band’s style. Having well and truly raised the bar with sophomore EP Sun, Morning TV has harnessed a sound that’s indicative of a band growing together. Be prepared as you listen to be swept away into a dreamlike state surrounded by sand, water and sun. Beach days with family and friends when life is easy, full of fun.

The first track on Sun and second single released is ‘Get It Right’ the most upbeat track of the EP it definitely will grow on you with each listen. As the tempo of the vocals and guitar heighten the crowd will be up dancing and singing along. ‘Get It Right’ winds down and makes way for second track ‘Lady’ the most melancholy out of the songs. Yet, still so dreamy from the vocals to the bass line each sound is perfectly orchestrated with one another. Adding to earlier ‘Let It Lie’ will have you tapping away whilst trying to hit those raspy high notes. The next two tracks are quite different more like interludes ‘Tea Tree Bay’ is likely an ode to the fabled Noosa point break. Both ‘Heart’ and ‘Lady #2’ have vocals panning throughout whilst giving off the vibe that they’ve recorded in a large empty hall.

With a similar but more subdued sound to The Drums, there will be a massive appeal for many music listeners. The Sun EP is a collection of songs written over the course of summer with the songs reflecting the exciting time of year. The release was recorded in the Blue Mountains, where some of the songs were written and inspiration was drawn from. In celebration of the release Morning TV will be hitting the road for an East Coast tour.

Wednesday 1st November – Cambridge Hotel – Newcastle, NSW
Friday 3rd November – The Phoenix – Canberra, ACT
Saturday 4th November – Rare Finds, Black Bear Lodge – Brisbane, QLD
Friday 10th November – Brighton Up Bar – Sydney, NSW
Saturday 11th November – Yah Yahs – Melbourne, VIC



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