Wooly Mammoth 'Can't Stand The Soul' music video savage thrills

Perth’s Wooly Mammoth taking flight with – Cant Stand The Soul music video

Perth locals Wooly Mammoth are flying high into the new year with the release of their new EP Fell, Took Flight. The four piece indie-rock band are making waves in the WA music scene with their soothing vocals and enthralling on stage atmosphere. With Jon Stapleton the man behind the vocals and keys, Christian Zappia on guitar, Andrew Eyres on bass and Josh Wright on drums, their music is not something you wanna  miss. In 2017 they released two insanely soulful tunes Edge and Catcher in the Rye which have seen them playing regularly at venues such as Mojos Bar Freo and The Rosemount Hotel.

“Can’t Stand The Soul came together – start to finish – in a day. It represented a new exciting direction for our sound and we think it’s perfect for a single and an EP opener. The lyrics of the song are a plea to not overthink things too much and let things run their natural course. They were inspired by the ups and downs that come with being a creative person – sometimes you feel like you’re coming up with your best ideas and sometimes you just feel dry. This song is a reminder to trust yourself and your creative soul, because ‘it’s all that you’ve got’.”

Wooly Mammoth 'Can't Stand The Soul' music video savage thrills 1

EP Launch: 16th Feb at the Rosemount Hotel, supported by Spacey Jane, Kat Wilson Trio, and Kaitlin Keegan.

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