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BICEP’s New Music Video Aura And Raved-Up ’90s Electro Banger Vale

The scene has been buzzing about BICEP’s upcoming debut album, set to release September 1.
The 12-track release is packed full of the raw, high-energy rave sounds that have defined the Belfast-born, London-based duo’s sets and output over the years and seen them soar to prominence to stand among the UK’s most popular artists.The album is the perfect summation of the duo’s career to date – it’s a sonic tour of their history touching the cornerstones of underground club culture. Matt and Andy have pulled off the rarest of feats, to make a singularly unique electronic record founded on the blueprint of classic house, techno, electro and Italo disco, but flipped and morphed into a fresh design bearing the unique Bicep sonic signature. It’s a perfectly succinct album: loose, raw and energetic enough for the dancefloor, yet refined, artfully composed and contemplative enough for home listening.

Today they release their first ever official music video for recent single Aura . The video was directed by Matilda Finn, who is just off the back of directing “Lost” by Danny Brown. The video, which was inspired by the definition of Aura – the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place – is a journey into a dream sequence where the viewer follows an elusive figure and those that are drawn to him on a journey to the edges of humanity.

Bicep have released their third and final single, Vale, on Ninja Tune from this forthcoming debut album. Following the recent announcement of the Belfast duo’s massive global tour, Andrew and Matthew share the first full track off the self-titled LP, Vale. By utilising a synth-based choir sample, analog synth bass, and electronic percussion, the duo put Vale into a beautifully rotating piece. Synth stabs are prominent throughout, as are the cunning pads that enhance the ambience and feel.The electronic tune weaves through Bicep’s character progression-percussion trademark with slow humming vocals and deep breaks.