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Interview, Boy & Bear – Limit Of Love

Sydney’s indie folk rock outfit Boy & Bear have gone from strength to strength with each album. Following on from their #1 album Harlequin Dream the Sydney five piece released their third album Limit Of Love, debuting #1 on the ARIA Charts. At the end of their Australian tour we caught up with Tim Hart, to talk about goals for the group, places he would love to tour and environmental issues.

You’ve had a lot of success with your first two albums. Harlequin Dream made #1 in the Australian charts. Did this take any of the pressure off for writing and recording Limit of Love?
I think that we were probably fortunate not to feel a whole lot of pressure on either record. That’s probably a mixture of gratefulness for what happened with Moonfire and being excited at the chance of making another album, so it just never occurred to us to feel any sort of pressure

Why did you choose to record straight to tape for this newest release? Was this decision influenced by anyone in particular?
I think that Ethan, our producer, was the guy who decided this. We always wanted to do it live, but he has his preferred way and so we just went with it.

You said, following your debut Moonfire in 2011, that one of your goals was to have an international career. Having just returned from a tour of the UK/Europe and the US, would you say you’ve finally achieved this goal?
I feel like we’re not quite there, to be honest. We’re still moving forward but there’s a lot still to achieve both overseas and at home for us.

Where are your favourite places to tour? And if you could play in any country you haven’t visited yet, where would you go?
Australia and Europe for me are my favourite. I love Italy. The crowds are small but very wonderful people. I think I would love to visit Spain or Japan!

What’s the best part of touring your home country?
I just love the nature of Aussies. They’re laid back and just love going out for a good time. And I love the Australian countryside.

What is your best piece of advice for hitting the road – for other touring bands or just for fellow travellers?
Probably just to be patient, and kind with everyone you meet. Traveling can be frustrating, but it’s a pretty awesome thing.

Have you had a chance to catch many local Sydney bands recently, if so, any recommendations?
Not really unfortunately. I just haven’t been around Sydney enough…

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What’s your opinion of the Sydney lockout laws? And the impact they are having on the local music scene?
It doesn’t phase me. Not a lot of good happens in the early hours of the morning. And personally I hate late shows. I think pissed people fighting is bad; so if these laws stop some of that then I think it’s good. All the bars in LA close at 10 so we don’t have it too bad!

It looks like you guys had fun collaborating with Oh Yeah Wow for your newest video releases – the resulting video for Walk the Wire is a very different style to your previous videos. How has it been received? What was the thinking behind making this video?
It was totally their thinking to be honest. But it’s been amazingly well received. It was so fun to make, and pretty weird. But yeah they’re really talented and great to work with.

A lot of your earlier music videos seem to be influenced by the natural environment. Are environmental issues close to your heart? Are you satisfied by Australia’s recent promises at last month’s United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris? – (Australia joined Mission Innovation and pledged to double government clean energy research and development investment by 2020).
I think anyone who doesn’t hold environmental issues with the utmost importance, is either pretty ignorant, or pretty delusional. Having said that, our clips weren’t based on any such pretenses. That was just the style of our filmmaker, Jefferton. He’s a great guy and was fun to work with.

What are you most looking forward to in 2016? What are your resolutions, if any? What was the highlight of 2015?
I’m getting married in September so looking forward to that most. I think this year I just want to enjoy touring. Who knows how long it’ll last. And last years highlight was working on the record with Ethan. I absolutely loved it!

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