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The Dreamworld of Isaac Delusion – Isabella

With their sophomore album Rust and Gold set to be released in April, Isaac Delusion have returned with a new video for their standout track “Isabella”. Alongside filmmaker Nadia Lee Cohen, the Parisian quintet channel an eerie atmosphere of dreamy, claustrophobic suburbia. The video features a cast of heroines adorned in blonde wigs and sporting doll-like features. What is fascinating is there’s an unsettling feeling of relatability as we watch the actors perform their series of day-to-day activities. The highly stylized execution and the exaggeration of the mundane give way to a peculiar sense of beauty; a dreamworld that is strange yet addictive. We are presented with an alternate reality that is deeply rooted in the ordinary, but one that somehow emphasizes the underlying splendor and uneasiness of being human.
Sonically speaking, the track definitely mimics this mysterious, stylized wonderland. The production and delivery is smooth and shiny, yet there’s a dizziness to it; with the layered vocals and twinkling synthesizers adding to the off-kilter, dreamlike atmosphere. With this track Isaac Delusion succeed in bringing us into the insular world of Isabella; whom just like us, seems to be constantly waging a war within in order to deal with the world outside.
It is a very feminine song expresses Isaac Delusion. I wanted it to feel as though all of the women in the film could be Isabella. They are not protesting, they’re just being themselves; although that could be considered rebellious now when we have such a conformist society. I wanted them to feel like this group of beautiful young carefree women. Some are lovers, some are friends, and we’re getting a peek into their day to day life.

You can stream “Isabella” here.  Look out for Rust and Gold, out through Microqlima Records in April.