Free one’s board from fins, and free one’s self – the philosophy of one of Australia’s great authentic surfers. Presenting a stripped back portrait of Derek Hynd, shot in the fall of 2015, over 2 weeks at Jeffrey’s Bay.Follow Andrew Kaineder on his website, Vimeo, and Instagram.

ROAM features surfing highlights, as well as the lifestyle, accompanied by traveling to multiple locations around the globe. Directed / Cinematography / Edit by Tyler Haft Begin the Beguine performed by Beegie Adair Trio Butterscotch performed by Makaya McCraven 

Deeper into the vastness, the majesty of the imposing mountains, a flood of emotions wash over the heart Between Earth and Sky. 

Whether it is an act that has played to 100 people or an international headliner; Savage Thrills has been created to bridge the gap between the Australian and International music media markets. Our aim is to discover creative people doing what they love and showcasing it to a wider audience. It is our belief that...