Created to bridge the gap between Australian and International creative culture, the aim of Savage Thrills is to discover and work with creative people doing what they love and showcasing it to a wider audience. We feel that every story is linked, and it is our aim to cross visual, sound and imagination.

We work with folk who want in on a vision! Our team consists of people that are always on the search for the unknown. If you have a need to create and share stories by words or visual composition..


Artist & band submissions:

We generally work 3 weeks ahead of scheduled release dates. For this reason, all songs or album reviews must be sent at least 4 weeks prior to release date.

  • We only accept music through Submit Hub you can sign up on the link below.
  • Please do not solicit any of our writers for submissions.

To send Savage Thrills your work please sign up to the music platform for artists, bloggers, labels and radio – Submit Hub


It is our belief that everything can be connected through the form of expression, that every story is linked. If you have a need to share and document as well as being culturally aware, write to us. We like to work with people who express their own character through the form of their writing.

State what section you would like to write about and remember to send us your links, including articles written, personal blogs or social media. If you have not written a published article before please submit a piece for us.



Work with us:

We love creating original content for Savage Thrills if you like to go to gigs or festivals and document artists doing what they do best. Send us an email with your portfolio, social media links & blog/website.


If you’re into traveling, board culture, art/design & fashion and want to share your series of photography/videography with us, send us an email with your social media links, blog/website and the series you would like us to publish. Please remember to include all relevant information and credits when applicable.


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