Six Long Years

For the first time in six years, Paradise Lost returned to Australia for a headlining tour.  Since their last Australian appearance, Soundwave Festival was nixed, Tony Abbott got the boot, and same-sex marriage has been legalised. But, would the fans still be enamoured with the UK band that graced the sandy shores years ago?


Paradise Lost Live Review Savage Thrills


Stability and Intimacy

The close quarters of The Metro seemed to give this show a unique feel right off the bat. When one thinks of Paradise Lost, the thought of amphitheatre shows and thousands of people crosses your mind. It was only appropriate that the death-doom pioneers played an intimate venue to the hardcore followers. Can we also take a minute to appreciate the fact that Paradise Lost has kept such a stable lineup over the years. Especially in the metal genre, this is an impressive feat for any band.


Paradise Lost Live Review Savage Thrills


The Albatross

With the September release of their 15th album, Medusa, it was no surprise that the gents opened up with the sludgy track, From The Gallows. This track defines the entire feel of the most recent release as it invokes more doom than what we’ve heard in the past. Other Medusa tracks played included, Medusa, The Longest Winter, and Blood and Chaos. Playing tracks from ten of their fifteen albums, their was no shortage of fan favourites sprinkled in the setlist. The highlight of the night came toward the very end of the show as singer, Nick Homes, roared about the albatross on his back as the band  burst into As I Die.


Paradise Lost Live Review Savage Thrills


Stay Gloomy, Sydney

Would it be a Paradise Lost gig without hearing Say Just Words? A fitting end to a dark and dreary night in the pits of The Metro. A sea of black exited the floor with few words, and just a little grin knowing that doom has brought them happiness.


Paradise Lost Live Review Savage Thrills


  1. From The Gallows
  2. Tragic Idol
  3. The Enemy
  4. One Second
  5. Enchantment
  6. Erased
  7. Medusa
  8. An Eternity of Lies
  9. Faith Divides Us- Death United Us
  10. Blood and Chaos
  11. As I Die
  12. Beneath Broken Earth
  13. Embers Fire
  14. No Hope In Sight (Encore)
  15. The Longest Winter (Encore)
  16. Say Just Words (Encore)
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