Metz have returned with new single, Cellophane. A welcome interlude to the group’s forthcoming album, Strange Peace; a venture which comes as a result of four days tracking, live-to-tape, with producing legend, Steve Albini.

“The songs on Strange Peace are about uncertainty” The Toronto trio explain. “They’re about recognizing that we’re not always in control of our own fate, and about admitting our mistakes and fears. They’re about finding some semblance of peace within the chaos.”

This undercurrent of frustration and anxiety is captured perfectly on Cellophane. A track which voices the grim recognition of the chaos that has come to define the world we live in.

“How will I know? How will I know? How will I know?”

Alex Edkins chants manically over a cacophony of jarring guitars and crushed out symbols. The stomping four minute power jam is relentless; propelling us through the band’s musky hallway of broken glass and unceremonious TV static.

Between doomsday choruses and buzz-saw guitar breaks, Cellophane contains a claustrophobic ferocity; as if pushing back against the helpless state in which the song so ardently expresses. Trying in vain, it appears, in their attempts to break free from the turmoil. Much like being wrapped in Cellophane, Metz seem to have trudged out a fitting reaction to the frustration that comes from being trapped in a situation of powerlessness. A feeling that has become so prevalent in our current social climate.

Stream the new single, “Cellophane”, by Metz below. Be sure to look out for their album, Strange Peace, out September 22nd through Sub Pop Records.

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