It’s been twenty years since Guide to Better Living was released, and Phil Jamieson’s hair still hasn’t changed. In a way it’s refreshing that his look has stood the test of time. But more importantly, would the music of Grinspoon follow suit? Survey says, yes, the inaugural Triple J Unearthed winners still have the chops to play for at least another twenty years.
Getting into the Enmore Theatre is always a grand time, especially when it’s at capacity. Nothing quite like rubbing elbows with tribal tattoos and receding hairlines, but it’s certain not everyone can stay as youthful as Joe, Pat, Kristian and Phil. Coming on just after 9:30, the boys of Grinspoon were met with what could only be described as a dull roar, just kidding, it was a riot in which the floor of the Enmore buckled, but that’s no surprise.

Pat Davern of Grinspoon

Like the title of the tour, one could only guess how the set-list was going to roll out. Playing Guide To Better Living from front to back proved to be the smart decision as it would’ve been strange to do anything else. There is something about the combination of Pat’s hat and crunchy guitar tone that gets the people going. I can’t quite put a finger on it, but it reminds one of the days of no cellular phones and undamaged eardrums.

Joe Hansen of Grinspoon

A two song encore is usually sufficient, but lucky us, the Enmore crowd was treated to an eight song display of musical greatness coupled with the energy of 1997.  Strolling out of the theatre not one groan was heard, well maybe the groan of having a few too many beverages, but not in disappointment to the music played. Let’s hope Grinspoon doesn’t decide to go on hiatus again because that would incur far more than a groan.

Zach Stephenson of Hockey Dad

Can we also give a shout out to the dynamic duo from Windang, Hockey Dad. This two-piece can shred like an army going through the jungle wielding machetes.  It won’t be long before these dudes sell out the Enmore, mark that down.  Local music is important music, so remember to support your local scene because you never know who will be the next Grinspoon!




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