Welcome to the first edition of Savage Thrills Mixtape series Savage Mix. The idea behind the Savage Mix is more than just asking an artist for a mixtape. We believe heavily in quality aesthetics and what the visual component adds to an artists music. Think, have you ever bought an album because the cover interested you? Savage Thrills is working with producers and visual artists that bring something extra to the fold. Weaver Beats has thrown down a monster mixtape to start it all off and R.N.F has created the artwork. Leading up to the release we caught up with Weaver Beats to ask a few questions about the mix and about what are his influences as an artist.

How long have you been working under the pseudonym Weaver Beats?
I believe since roughly 2010 or 2011.

Talk us through your decision making when deciding what music you’ll put together for a mix?
I go on a few downloading sprees before hand (To have as much as possible to work with.) I also experiment a lot with trial and error and different transition types/songs. It has to be a good song as well as the transition to the next song.

What are the standout tracks for you on the Savage Mix?
I really like the transition from the Bones track to the Trash Lord track. I also love that Cresce song a ton.

Where do you draw your musical influences from?
My early influences were Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin, Dilla, Nujabes, Dabrye, Tokimonsta, Mount Kimbie, Ratatat, Burial, Lapalux, etc.. I was really into that LA instrumental/beat scene when I got out of high school like 10 years ago. More recent influences would have to be Haven, $oudiere, Team Supreme, Anubis-Xiii.

I’m also really into skating, I’ve been skating longer than I’ve been doing music, at least 13 years total. It’s therapeutic and fun for me, I only got a camera recently too so I’ve been getting really into video editing for fun. I love how you can use the same VSTS/audio effects from DAW’s as video editing software. It’s a different yet familiar world, I think it’s good to have other hobbies as well, it’s helped keep music production interesting for me.

What programs, synths, and instruments are you using to create your music?
The main programs I use are Ableton and Reason. I use quite a bit of VST’s also, mainly for sampling or effects though. Sometimes I sample, sometimes I play keys, sometimes I play the guitar. I usually make that decision based off of what I feel like making, I also switch it up if I’m having problems writing with one of them. I’m actually not very good at guitar, I mostly use it as a composition tool, but it actually ends up in a good portion of my non-sampled songs.

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