Ex-member of the late label Bromance and quarter of Club Cheval, the French producer launched on 8th June this year his new label Panteros Media Galaxy and offered us at the same time an eruptive and thrilling EP. Panteros666 , whose real name is Victor Watel comes from the North of France. His experience into the world of music is quite atypical. Starting from jazz conservatory classes and different formations of mid-2000’s dance-punk, he finally dropped out of it in favor of a completely experimental approach based on the use of a drum machine. The rest is history.


PMG’s debut release is a mix of ultra-mainstream and underground influences, letting us in a kind of absurd and multicolor universe. Panteross666 has this propensity to the weird, the non-conventional and the eccentric. In this way, he is resolutely unique, an ovni in the French musical electronic spectrum.

His new production appears as a cosmic trip. Indeed, Euronature and When All We Have Left Is Solar Impulse explore what is the most explosive in techno music. At times caustic lo-fi techno, acid and electro, the rhythm is nagging, stellar even hyptonic. Ultimate syncretism of Panteross666’s brainwave, these songs blend classical Detroit techno inspirations ranging from the album Techno! The New Dance Sound Of Detroit to Underground Resistance’s album Revolution Change.

By continuing the exploration of the EP, we’re confronted by other manifest influences. This is the case of Meteociel and Unesco Initiative which appear as a mutant operation revealing sounds inherited of the jumpstyle and new beat culture. Thus, it is interesting to notice the inspiration respectively collected from DJ Coone’s The Return or Bassline BoysWardbeat.

Planet TER has the feel of an old school jacking track, wound into a package with the tech house sounds of today, creating this oddly paranoid, claustrophobic effect that was present in former rave parties. Everything is measured, perfectly coordinated and meticulous: nothing is left to chance. But underneath all that industrial chum: at its heart, we feel this creative and strident violence that proves you that it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting at home, listening to the radio in your car, or out at a club, once that bass line drops it’s time to get down on the dance floor.

This feeling is emphasized by the song DAP (feat ARME) which serves as the hit of the EP. Percussion, chords, claps and robotic vocals are the recipe to create such a compulsive and catching dance tune that is bound to get any parts of your body moving.

Thus, by creating an authentic dancefloor artillery, Panteross666’s Meteociel is the demonstration of a physical, nervous, meta-techno and interplanetary music.


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