Twenty-five years since its beginning, the French Touch house music style continues to influence the work of many artists. This in turn has expanded and evolved the style with each artist’s creation. Zimmer is one of these artists, shaping the French new house scene. Amongst his more quality works are remixes of songs by artists like Fakear Silver and Don’t Wanna Dance while his original creations include Escape, Saturday Love, and Galapagos. His presence in clubs and music festivals contributes to increase his reputation. Zimmer has just released additional works to his EP named Ceremony. This new release contains remixes of his recent tracks, along with the music video for Lost Your Mind (feat. Fhin).

Each track has its own identity, and the mix of genres and styles doesn’t cause confusion, instead brings an interesting complexity to it. Boundaries between chillwave, electro house, and even deep house are blurred- as the boundaries between a futuristic and vintage timeline. A specific musical pattern – as heard briefly in the very first seconds of Lost Your Mind (feat. Fhin) – clearly evokes the main theme from Christopher Nolan’s film, Interstellar, composed by Hans Zimmer. Beyond the fact that both tracks were produced by artists with the same name, they also share an assumed space theme with SciFi influence. The track has this surreal aspect in the music with the floating sound atmosphere. The reverb is not overused and the spatial disposition of musical elements, along with effective panning, contribute to a feeling of purity, the impression of time suspension, and surreal transcendence when listening to this song. The idea of movement is not only vertical towards the stars, but also horizontal with the feeling of running away from something or toward something. The remixes insist more on an anxious aspect of escape than the original version.

A bit more chaotic and ambient, Christian Löffler’s remix echoes the frenetic aspect of the chase or the exciting feeling of travelling and discovering. Percussions are more intrusive and voices are in the background and sound more plaintive. Some sounds evoke whistles, mechanical and metallic echoes and some musical patterns resemble alarm sounds. Löffler’s version offers a slight touch of ambient and deep house and is easily one of the better tracks on the EP.

Kartell’s remix, of the same song, also adds a more ambient style to it, with unconventional instruments and surrounding sounds like rain drops.

The original music video version is more stripped down, simpler in appearance while still having a lot of variations. The ‘beyond realism’ style takes you in a dreamlike world. The video, directed by Jeremi Durand, is in keeping with the relaxed mood of the song. Slow motion, sliding camera movements and SciFi color codes are used to reinforce the surreal aesthetics and ethereal atmos-phere. The music video’s depiction of escapism and cosmic themes are in keeping with the original track.
French artist Fhin’s featuring is stellar since his voice, somewhat sweet and raw, lulls you into a dreamlike state of being; almost whispered without being weak, the voice is not invasive but en-chanting.
Last, but not least, there are two more remixes included in this new release. The Fire remix by Polocorp surprises with its diversity of instruments, styles and, cultural influences. At a crossing point between ambient, electro chill and minimal house, some sonorities prompt us to recall South African artist, Black Coffee’s work.

With his really interesting remix of Odyssée, Thomas Bank offers something more underground and chaotic with a jerky rhythm, and SciFi and video game references.

This update of Ceremony solidifies Zimmer’s presence in the electro house scene.

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