With their latest release Gang of Youths make a statement against government control and hierarchy in general – producing a track that will either make you want to dance… or start a riot. Sydney band Gang of Youths recently released a powerful new track, ‘Atlas Drowned.’ Written by frontman David Le’aupepe, the single reveals disdain for the world’s current political state.

A statement released on the band’s social media, reveals the title’s reference to Rand’s 1957 novel, Atlas Shrugged, which they argue ‘set the ideological tone for so many wanton, neo-con, boot-licker crybabies for so long.’ It goes on to say:

‘We are now converging upon a moment in history seen before countless times, wherein this philosophy of rational self-interest is conflated with nationalism, badly taped together like Homer Simpson’s football tax return… what we are seeing now globally, en masse is a desecration of this nobility.
Enough of this shit.’

Le’aupepe’s choice of title also reveals a deliberate message, referencing Greek mythology. Following a ten year battle between the old and new Gods over universal dominion, Atlas, a member of the former, was condemned to an eternity of holding up the sky. Mirroring the struggle between our own archaic government leaders, versus the emerging criticisms of youth (such as this track), Atlas Drowned, suggests a need for revived efforts to reallocate power.

Lyrically, vocally and instrumentally, the piece comes together seamlessly. Grungy and catchy, it inarguably reflects a theme of anarchy. This is culminated in the last chorus where a combination of strong bass and powerful vocal performance by Le’aupepe, climaxes and carries unwaveringly through to the song’s conclusion.

The band’s final message is in the track’s cover art, which arguably says it all – a raised middle finger.

Have a listen below.

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