Everyone loves to say that they’re a traveller, off into the unknown we set off on a trip to gather photos and memories mostly just to say “we’ve been there” or show on our social media “look what I’ve done”. But, rarely do any of us really adventure into the depths of the unknown. Happy enough to spend three or four weeks with friends sipping cocktails by the pool or partying on a tropical island. We tell ourselves “this is an adventure”. Well, it is to a degree! Then there are the ever-growing adventurers the ones who go the extra mile in search of whatever drives them on their modern day exploration.

Places such as Alaska, Iceland and northern Norway down to the middle of central Asia is the newest frontier for the avid traveller who wants to escape the tourist trail. Even in our own backyards, there is travel to be done in a more exploring manner for those of us who want to experience what our earth has to offer. Below we have compiled 5 short travel stories from avid travellers who document their expeditions into the unknown.

Whispers of the West

Every once in a while you need to get back to your roots and create something for your own personal pleasure. Austin Ahlborg decided to drop off the grid for two weeks and explore the West Coast in California, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona.  Not having any real plan in mind other than to immerse themselves in the outdoors and capture whatever inspired.

10 Days, One Road.

A road trip is an amazing experience. Everyone should do it at least once, but it isn’t always easy.
Hana and Daniel Kemeys travelled around the ring road for 10 days capturing the beautiful landscapes of Iceland through every weather condition you could think of. Whilst on the road, the two of them experienced heightened emotions – being scared, happy, nervously panicking at random points during the trip… Driving under the sunshine, through a blizzard, climbed a mountain as it hailed, rained… They cried, laughed and loved every moment in this beautiful country. This experience was emotionally draining yet rewarding in so many ways, documenting the journey was incredible.

In Panama – 2017

A 3-week journey through Panama, from the Caribbean island paradise of Bocas Del Toro through the lush mountain areas around Boquete all the way up to Volcan Baru, further South, from the Azuero peninsula on the Pacific to El Valle De Anton and back to the sprawl of Panama City where the Canal connects two oceans. While shooting a series of short commercials for Visit Panama we captured whatever we found on the trip to put together this collection of moments & sounds. Directed by: Vincent Urban

The road story India

This is the continuation of Gregory Tarasov’s journey. Trekking through India in 2016. They drove 14 000 miles, crossed 15 States, changed 40 hotels and spent 1,760 litres of gasoline for 3 months of amazing adventures.


Sara Izzi and Timur Tugalev, digital nomads and authors of the Travel blog The Lost Avocado.com document for the first time incredible country of Kyrgyzstan. The dreaming sceneries of the lake of Song Köl, from Orto Tokoy, a reservoir of turquoise water in the Kochkor District, up to Issik Kul, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and Karakol, with its canyons, wild parks and colourful markets. The seams of the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, drawn by a gentle black pencil, the white sand that embraces alpine lakes lashed by the September breeze, create a magnificent sight that leaves you breathless. Kyrgyzstan is a Central Asian gem yet to be discovered.

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