The Pinheads are 7 mates, who over games of cheap bowling and a shared music taste, accidentally formed a band in the latter half of 2013. Getting hold of what they call “an assortment of shitty instruments and strange recording equipment”, they set up a makeshift studio in a corrugated iron shed hidden deep in the swampy hinterlands of the South Coast of NSW -a move that eventually culminated in their 2015 EP, I Wanna Be A Girl. Whilst taking root in a fusion of influences -punk, rockabilly, the British musical invasion of the 60s- The Pinheads aren’t a revivalist band, shock rock, nor any other thing an outsider could adequately dissect; We’re a group of outcasts/reprobates banding together to let it all out. Interview.

Your two current singles, Fight or Flight and Wildfire, are quite different in their musical approach. Is this something we can expect from the whole of your debut? Is there an all-encompassing theme to the album and the songs contained within it?
We’ve tried to produce an album that has some dynamic throughout, perhaps that’s the theme: a bit of everything we can do at the moment. I feel as though some songs are of a similar vain but that could be a different story someone else.

Your approach to your art, particularly in your music videos, is certainly different from many other acts around Australia. Is this something you intentionally set out to achieve?
I think it has been a natural approach for us. We’ve all got a creative background: video, photography, painting, graffiti etc. So from the start we have wanted to have a part in the creative process of the band.

Your band is much different in regards to the personas you take on as band members. Is this something you tend to strive to do, or is your band persona and real-life persona one and the same?
They’re the same. When we are all together it just makes it more obvious.

the pinheads interview music rock nsw savagethrills savage thrills discovery

©Tim da-Rin

Your music tends to work in a lot of genres. Creatively, where do you draw inspiration from, either in general or specifically for the music you create?
With seven people in the band, it’s hard to pinpoint exact inspiration musically as we all have such different tastes. I guess the result of that is having seven people who bring different ideas in the writing process. Where our commonalities lie are the love for cheesy horror films and a love for live performance which we regard just as importantly as the music itself. In saying that though, we try not to take what we do very seriously. We just like to have fun.

What does the name The Pinheads mean to you guys and how did it come about?
The band started around the weekly ritual of half price bowling at the local alley. A game of bowling and a deep pan pepperoni from dominos would set ya back $10! Throw some instruments in that mix and you have us.

You are notorious for some pretty crazy live performances. Talk us through your preparations before going onstage; do you guys have any rituals to up the ante when it comes to live performances?
We are more often than not running late to our shows so we pretty much arrive, sound check if we can, Go find some sleazy food somewhere and then play. A few of us tend to disappear when we are about to go on. They’re either doing a poo or waiting in line at the bar.

You guys are, obviously, local to Wollongong. What’s the music scene like there? Is there anything else we should be checking out?
Yeah its going pretty good I reckon. Our label Farmer and the Owl have been a big pusher in the scene down here. They’re a couple of guys from the local record shop Music Farmers and the venue Yours and Owls (Now Rad Bar). Solid Effort are definitely a band to check out.

I’ve heard that you guys are hardcore into aliens. What makes you believe that something is truly out there?
Two of us have had contact with aliens. The first encounter was off the coast Indonesia and second occurred in the veggie garden of our drummer.

the pinheads interview music rock nsw savagethrills savage thrills discovery

©Tim da-Rin

How does this idea of aliens existing tie into your bond as both friends and bandmates? Does it tend to make its way into your music as a result?
We listen to heaps of podcasts in the van on supernatural occurrences and other worldy encounters. For the song If I I have to Wait off our EP we made a clip about aliens that come to earth then one gets left behind. The alien then finds us and we help get it back to space.

You guys recently finished a tour of the East Coast and some other dates, what was this experience like for all of you? Did you retain any crazy tour stories as a result?
It was great, extremely hot though, it was 45’c in Newcastle. We’ve known the Drunk Mums guy for a while so was great to finally do some shows together. Between shows we spent a week at a property in the Yarra Valley. Made dodgy pizza oven and had some massive dinners. One afternoon we spent 2 hours looking at a dot in the afternoon sky. Was either a UFO or a planet. Was hard to tell as we didn’t have our telescopes. We also spent a few days recording new demos for the next album.

Your social media presence is pretty crazy. Do you strive to maintain this presence or does it come naturally?
Yeah I think it comes naturally. We aren’t following a method or anything, just posting shots from shows and things we are doing in the mean time.

What can we look forward to regarding The Pinheads in 2017?
New album due out mid year so keep ya peeper peeled for that. Heaps of tours too!

The Pinheads continue to prove that normality is overrated in the high-octane Fight Or Flight, a track about being constantly fed with lies from our evil lizard overlords in parliament until the point your brain becomes completely fried. Fight Or Flight joins earlier single Wildfire as The Pinnies latest no-holds-barred sound injection, and is accompanied by a video which shows them at the peak of their eccentricity.

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