Newcastle’s RAAVE TAPES may be coming to a venue near you. As they get ready to embark on a nationwide tour, the punk three-piece have dropped a new single, 2 U XOXO; another highlight for avid fans and future gig goers to look forward to.

Bringing to mind a less morose version of Mess era Liars; 2 U XOXO seems destined to soundtrack alcohol drenched house parties and sweaty clubs alike. The track boasts a grit and a bravado that is clearly comfortable inside its own skin and unafraid to revel in its own fun-loving nature.

Listed among the band’s staple influences are several igniters of the late 2000 indie movement (Crystal Castles, Death from Above 1979); as well as local favorites, such as Sydney rock two-piece, The Mess Hall. Not surprising given the band’s knack for rhythmic, head banging verses and love for thrashing, no-holds-barred choruses.

Frontman Joab Eastley explains the intended message behind their infectious new track:

“These damned pretty people just stand on the wall & people fall all over them. Get in the trenches & get your hands dirty like the rest of us plebs. Open a beer with a lighter. Consume a beverage at a faster than average speed. At least do the damned sprinkler for fuck’s sake! WORK FOR IT!”

You can listen to Raave Tapes latest track 2 U XOXO below. You can view the band’s upcoming tour dates here.


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