While I Hate Your Band may be the answer to a common source of angst, this latest single from raucous Melbourne rockers The Naysayers definitely doesn’t apply to its creators. This two-minute surf punk assault sees The Naysayers on the offence, capturing the shared experience of being pissed off by music mediocrity. Though the track packs a punch, its upbeat riff and backing harmonies are undeniable catchy, urging you to dance while simultaneously making you want to kick something. Having just wrapped up their nation-wide I Hate Your Summer Tour, in honour of the single’s release, they are now headed into the studio. Bassist Nathaniel Parbery was kind enough to give us an insight into how the tour went down and what we can next expect from the band.

You guys have just wrapped up the I Hate Your Summer tour. What was your favourite experience from this tour?
It’s hard to say… The last show of the tour, in Tasmania, was rad. We had never been there for a gig before but we met some really cool people. There was a cool vibe.
Perth was a highlight though. We played at the North Freo Pub Crawl, which was really cool to be a part of and see all the new bands around. We got to play with Kitchen People and we saw The Love Junkies… so many cool bands. Me and Gordon are from Perth originally, we’ve been in Melbourne for six years or so, and that was our first gig back home in about five years so it was pretty special. A whole bunch of old mates showed up, and a bunch of new mates too.

So is Perth still considered home for you guys, or is the Melbourne crowd pretty strong as well?
It’s a bit of both, because half of us are from Perth, the other half from Victoria, so I guess we’re like the tale of two cities.

Do you have a favourite venue in these cities?
That’s a tough one. We played at Amplifier in Perth, which was really fun. I guess The Corner Hotel in Melbourne is our version of Amplifier. Those two are pretty rad. Also The Record Crate in Sydney has a really cool set up because it’s like a record store as well as a pub, and they do food. They’re really cool people…

And for those who missed the recent tour, what could one expect to see from the Naysayers if they rocked up to one of your shows?
We play with a lot of energy, it’s pretty full on; cool songs – you can expect some Naysayers originals – I don’t know… We do put a lot of effort in to our shows, but we just focus on playing the music. We don’t try to do any crazy bells and whistles, just play our songs as well as we can.


Well it sounds like that gets you a lot of positive reactions either way.
Yeah, which is good! When you have people at your shows enjoying it, you tend to enjoy it more too. Just bouncing vibes off one another. And generally people do vibe our gigs. No matter how many or how few people are at the gigs, there a generally a few getting down with it.

But I hear you’re now taking some time off from your live shows to concentrate on the next record. How’s it shaping up so far?
It’s coming along nicely and we already have a shortlist of songs that we’ve been working on for the past six months. We were also doing the tour so that was the big thing, but now we can bunker down and focus on the new record.

Your most recent single I Hate Your Band has been getting a very positive reception. Does this single give us an insight into what we can expect from the upcoming record?
Yeah, it’s going to be on the new record. We like it’s summery vibe and how raucous it is so we thought,’why don’t we make that the lead single and that can be a teaser of what’s to come.’ And it’s worked very well. It’s a good pace setter, but the album will be an amalgamation of things. All the genres we’ve incorporated into our sound over the years – a bit of garage, a bit of punk, a bit of psych – all the nice things.

And you are often referred to in the context of 60s garage rock. Where did this originate?
It was how the band started I guess. Gordon and me, before we moved over to Melbourne, were both in other bands when we met each other and became really good friends. We hung out a lot but we didn’t really play music together, until one day we were talking about cool garage bands that we liked and we were like, ‘Hey, why don’t we write some songs together?‘ and we really liked what we came up with, so I guess the rest is history.

Do you remember what you were listening to at the time?
The Beatles were a big one to start off with, The Nuggets compilation, Foxboro Hot Tubs (because I’m a Green Day fan and that was their side project I was listening to at the time), a bit of the Kinks, a lot of 60s British stuff and the garage bands from around that era.

And are there any current Perth or Melbourne bands you would recommend checking out?
Hideous Sun Demon are really good. Plebs, from Melbourne, are one of my favourite bands around at the moment. The Peep Tempel, The Dead Heir, Bansheeland – they’re based in Launceston and we played with them on tour, they’re fantastic. Kitchen People… There are so many great bands that I can’t think of them all.

And to finish up, besides the recording process for your upcoming album, what else are you most looking forward to this year?
Probably another tour and another good music video, we really love them. The one we did for our last single, Passing By, that was a really intense six month planning, self-made art thing. So we’ll probably do something a little easier but hopefully to the same standard. We want to push ourselves to make it really good.

You can definitely tell you guys have a lot of fun with the music videos.
Yeah, we do. We tried to take it a bit more seriously last time but it was still fun.

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